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Traditional Thai Massage

The purpose of Thai massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing.

  • 60 min | ¥6,600
  • 90 min | ¥9,900
  • 120 min | ¥13,200

Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage uses the same Sen lines as traditional massage combined with a blend of essential oils promoting total relaxation, relieving knots and tension. Aromatherapy massage can help with; stress, fatigue, headaches, insomnia.

  • 60 min | ¥8,800
  • 90 min | ¥13,200
  • 120 min | ¥17,600

Reflexology Foot Massage

The genuine reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet and the reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated.

  • 30 min | ¥4,400
  • 45 min | ¥6,600
  • 60 min | ¥8,800

4 Hands Massage

A 4 hands massage is exactly what it sounds like, two therapists simultaneously giving you a massage. For anyone running short on time and wanting to get the experience the same benefits & results of a 2 hour massage in less time. Feel relaxed, revived, re-energized in less time! ​

  • 4 Hands Thai – 60 min |¥13,200 ¥11,880
  • 4 Hands Aroma Oil – 60 min | ¥17,600 ¥15,840

*Appointments highly recommended, a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
**Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Coconut Oil Massage

Experience new type of massage therapy by Thai Coconut Aromatherapy Massage, it will becomes an extraordinary warm massage oil. It not only help relax your back and neck muscles but also help soothing your skin and sparkle grow with Shimming type Coconut Massage. ​

  • Coconut Oil – 75 min | ¥12,650 ¥9,980
  • Coconut Oil – 90 min | ¥16,500 ¥13,640

*Time Extension Fee:¥2,000/ 10 min.
**Cannot be combined with other discounts

Steamed Herb Balls Massage

Herbal Thai massage incorporates the use of a heated compress containing a collection of medicinal aromatic herbs traditionally grown in Thailand. The herbs themselves are absorbed through the skin and used in the body to facilitate further release of energy blockages thereby improving energy imbalances within the body. Some of the herbs have drawing properties that allow removal of inflammation and swelling typical with injuries.

  • 20 min | ¥3,850
  • 30 min | ¥4,950