Self stretching is a method of physically stretching your muscles to improve flexibility, range of motion, and relieve tension.

Here are ten self stretching methods that can help improve flexibility and relieve tension:
1. Hamstring stretch: Sit with legs extended in front of you, reach forward and hold onto your feet or ankles.
2. Quad stretch: Stand with one foot on a surface behind you, hold onto your ankle and gently pull towards your buttocks.
3. Calf stretch: Stand facing a wall and place hands on it, step back with one foot, keeping both feet flat, and bend the front knee.
4. Butterfly stretch: Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet touching, hold onto your feet and gently press your knees down towards the floor.
5. Cat-cow stretch: Get onto your hands and knees, arch your back and tuck your chin to your chest, then round your spine and lift your head.
6. Shoulder stretch: Interlace your fingers behind your back, straighten your arms and gently lift your arms away from your back.
7. Tricep stretch: Reach one arm straight up, bend at the elbow and place your hand behind your head, use your other arm to gently push your elbow towards your head.
8. Hip flexor stretch: Kneel on one knee, place the other foot in front of you and gently shift your weight forward, keeping your back straight.
9. Lower back stretch: Lie on your back, bring both knees to your chest, and gently hug them towards you.
10. Chest stretch: Stand in a doorway and place your arms on either side of the doorway, step forward and feel a stretch in your chest.
Remember to breathe deeply while stretching and never push to the point of pain. Stretching should feel comfortable and relaxi